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Our Saturday food adventure began at 8 am as we made our way to the Madison farmer’s market on the square. First stop: scones, from Chris and Lori’s Bakehouse. We usually don’t eat breakfast before the market because there are so many bars and scones and cookies to choose from for a (not-so) healthy breakfast. But these scones are actually pretty healthy! They label the “health level” of their scones and the signs list what’s in them and what’s not.ImageI got the ultra healthy carrot raisin, made with whole grains and added flax. It’s also almost vegan except for the honey, which is the only sweetener.ImageSarah got the very healthy dark chocolate, just a slight “health level” below mine. We happily sat down in the grass by the Capitol and ate them.ImageWe were then well-fed and ready to begin shopping! We generally are trying to plan out our meals for the week and make lists of ingredients that we can get at the farmer’s market to avoid overspending or letting produce go to waste. It does take time and sometimes I feel like I make too many lists, but it’s worth it. ImageImageHere’s what we all got:

Cucumbers from Roots Down Community Farm
Tomatoes from Flyte Family Farm
Feta cheese from Chula Vista Cheese Co.
Havarti from Bleu Mont Dairy
Potatoes from Heck’s Farm
Cilantro, green onions, strawberries, and dried peppers all from various vendors who didn’t have signs listing their farm name
We were surprised at how expensive tomatoes were this week. We paid over $8 for four tomatoes. They were organic, but it still seemed high to me. Maybe tomatoes aren’t quite in their peak season yet?

After dropping off our groceries back at our apartment, we headed all the way to the Mad City Vegan Fest. Neither of us are vegans, but we cook a lot of vegan food and understand the health benefits of eating a mostly-plant based diet. Admission was free, and there were lots of great free samples, including one of our favorite ice creams, Luna and Larry’s!

After all of those free “appetizers”, we continued on to Daisy Cafe for lunch (and cupcakes). They could possibly have the best cupcakes in Madison…
ImageI ordered the grilled cheese with roasted veggies. Yum!ImageImageSarah got their signature dish, a strata, with crimini mushrooms, pesto, sundried tomatoes, and gruyere cheese.ImageAnd the best part of finishing your meal is…ImageCupcake time! Daisy’s changes their cupcake flavors monthly, and the theme this month is Global Flavors. Sarah got the Canada cupcake: maple cake filled with mixed berries, buttercream frosting, and a maple leaf candy on top.ImageI got the Japan cupcake: a ginger-rice cake with ginger-cherry filling and cherry buttercream frosting.ImageImageI was a little hesitant about the filling, but it was actually really good!ImageWith our tummies full now, our last stop in our food adventure was Willy Street Co-op. I forgot to bring our grocery list, so we just had to try to remember everything that we needed. And when we got home to look at our actual list, we really only missed two items!

We like to see how much we walk in a day sometimes, so Sarah calculated the total mileage just for our food adventure.

9.41 miles? We may have even burned off those cupcakes!