Reasons why today was great:

1. We got free samples and free coupons and free food and free ice cream at Willy Street Co-op’s annual owner party on Thursday. Below is a picture of a free cookie and a free Blue Sky soda. Okay, so this did not occur today, but I am still happy about it. Look at all of these samples! One of the many perks of being a member of a co-op. Sarah and I fought over the Pure bar… I won. 2. My parents visited. That means they buy us yummy food at the farmer’s market (thank again mom!).

3. Art on the Square (lame, sorry artists) meant that the farmer’s market had to relocate, and there weren’t as many vendors. There was only one option for cheese and they just didn’t really have what we were looking for…this sounds pretty unhappy but…

4. Fromagination! My mom still wanted us to have some yummy cheese, so we stopped at Fromagination, a store with tons and tons of cheeses and other yummy foods. We found some seriously amazing smoked apple cheddar from Carr Valley Cheese. Mmm Wisconsin cheese. It was reasonably priced as well.
5. Desserts and coffee from The Green Owl Cafe. Why yes, we walked all the way over here. Why yes, it was delicious. All of their desserts were vegan as well! My mom and Sarah both got chocolate raspberry cheesecake. I got lava cake. My dad passed on dessert. Lame.
6. Field Roast vegan sausages were on sale at Willy Street Co-op. We usually avoid buying stuff like this because it is expensive, but we just could not pass up the good cheese and we really wanted to combine these apple and sage sausages with our smoked apple cheddar…
7. Strata! One of our favorites meals, since it uses up leftover bread butts and lonely slices that we put in the freezer and save for later. Plus, you can seriously put whatever you want in them. We used: 5 slices of leftover bread, a nice big hunk of the smoked apple cheddar, two field roast sausages, 3 organic eggs, 1 chopped apple, a handful of spinach, sweet onions, and a dash of salt and pepper. Mixed all up in a bowl, baked in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Eaten up by us in about 5 minutes. It was one of our best stratas yet. 

8. With our trip to the farmer’s market, lunch and dessert, and grocery shopping, we walked a total of 12.8 miles. This even beats our last 9 mile food adventure. I think we deserved those desserts.

9. Currently sitting at a coffee shop drinking iced tea and food blogging and avoiding reading a book for a summer class I’m taking. Life is good!