There is no denying that Jasmine and I love really good, quality desserts. I’m not going to lie; we ate dessert every day this weekend. A birthday party on Friday led us to some awesome homemade cake, a day with Jasmine’s parents meant going out for some vegan desserts and coffee, and we finished off our weekend by baking ourselves dessert after dinner.
I promise we don’t do this every weekend, but when we do, we enjoy it and don’t worry that we may have consumed too much sugar or had a few too many calories. I recently read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. He mentioned that there was an experiment where Americans were asked what word came to mind when they heard “chocolate cake.” The most common response was “guilt”. The same question was posed to French people, and their response was “celebration.”

I’m going to have to side with the French on this one. Dessert is a celebration that I definitely don’t want to pass up. We celebrated a birthday, a visit from parents, and today we celebrated summertime.

Only in the summer do we get to handpick our own blackberries for free and then bake with them only a few hours later.
We combined our blackberries with some rhubarb from my home that we had frozen at the beginning of summer. We added some local Wisconsin maple syrup and topped it all with some oats, Earth Balance, flour and a bit more syrup.

After baking our two mini blackbarb crisps, we headed outside to enjoy the warm summer evening.Our crisps would definitely not be complete without a little bit of our favorite froyo.The only time I ever feel sad about eating dessert? Definitely when there’s none left.