Tonight was my fourth time eating at Nostrano. I went there just a few days ago for dessert and coffee with Anthony and his mom. I went there with Anthony a few days before that. And a week or so before that occasion… Sarah and I went to try out their $11 desserts. I think I may have a foodie problem with this restaurant. There is also a $5 off coupon currently in my wallet, so I may or may not end up eating at Nostrano five times in the month of July.

I consider myself to be a semi-vegetarian. I believe that plants are extremely yummy and healthy and that I should focus on eating more of them. That being said, I do eat meat occasionally that either I buy myself from the farmer’s market or at certain restaurants that source good ingredients from local farms such as Nostrano and Graze (I’ll be eating there on Thursday!).  What I like about these restaurants is that meat is only a part of the meal, and the vegetables and garnishes still shine! I also like that the portions of meat are small, and a lot of thought and creativity are put into the dishes.

I started off my meal with Nostrano’s seasonal soda, which was strawberry. It was a bit tart, but I really enjoyed it. I normally don’t like soda, which is probably a good thing, but this was refreshing and not too carbonated.
For my appetizer, I had the chilled zucchini soup with gold bar squash, golden raisin agrodolce, calabrian peppers, and grilled ricotta salata. Half of those words are not in my vocabulary, but this soup was amazing! And there was some sort of aged hard cheese in it that I loved.

Anthony got the game bird terrine with cipollini mostarda, chicories, champagne currants, and pistachios. Too many foreign words. Sorry for the terrible picture of the terrine that barely shows the actual terrine.

For my entrée, I had the whole wheat pappardelle with lamb ragu. I really enjoyed the use of lamb in this dish. The portion sizes were small, but I really did not mind, and I know that they are probably a lot bigger for their normal (non-restaurant week) dinners. Anthony got the braised pancetta with crispy polenta. I tried it and actually enjoyed it. I thought I wouldn’t like pancetta because I thought it would taste like bacon, but it did not at all!
Oh how I love Italian dessert names! I don’t even care that I can barely pronounce them. I must admit that I’ve become a bit of a dessert snob since my recent excursion to Boston, where we ate Italian dessert in the North End every night. Nostrano’s desserts are definitely up to par though! Anthony got the tortino, which was cornmeal pound cake with blueberries.I ate the affogado: caramel gelato, sea salt, espresso, and bombolini. I am assuming that those ball shaped things were the bombolini. They were really yummy.I think I will definitely try to use that lunch coupon soon! Nostrano’s dinner are way too expensive for a college student normally, but their lunches are quite reasonably priced, and I am glad that they were a part of restaurant week. Here we are, happy after a good meal!

I wish that I could eat out for restaurant week on all six days, but that would probably be a bit expensive. So tomorrow, we are back to scratch cooking and will be making homemade hummus, falafel, and pita. There’s nothing cheaper than dried beans from the bulk isle! And of course, on Thursday, we will definitely be posting about our restaurant week meal at Graze. I’m already excited!