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We had big plans to blog about our dinner last night. We successfully made pita.
We successfully made hummus.But we completely failed at making baked falafel. It kind of was just baked hummus. We will have to try that one again… Or maybe just stick with Banzo, one of my favorite food carts ever.So instead I will blog about one of my favorite restaurants: Graze. Not only does this restaurant have amazing food, but they also try to use local ingredients as often as possible. If you can wake up early enough, you just may spot the head chef, Tory Miller, shopping at the farmers market.

If I ever see him there, I may have a mini-foodie-starstruck moment like I did today when he came out into the dining area at Graze.

As Jasmine mentioned Tuesday, this week is Restaurant Week, so Jasmine, Anthony, and I all headed to Graze tonight and almost successfully ordered their whole Restaurant Week menu.

First Course
I am completely vegetarian so I got the vegetarian appetizer and entree. I ordered the grilled baby beets with herb encrusted chevre for my appetizer. There is nothing like warm goat cheese to start off a meal. I usually have a hard time ordering salads at restaurants, but this was amazing!
Jasmine ordered the crispy pork belly with kale salad, cheddar polenta croutons, and bourbon BBQ sauce.Anthony got the crawfish cakes with a chive waffle and haricot verts. I tried a little piece of the chive waffle and really liked it. It was super bready (and bread is probably my favorite food).

Second Course
For the main course, I got mushroom arancini with some vegetables and a spicy tomato sauce. Once again, I loved this! I definitely had to ask what arancini is when ordering. It is pretty much a deep fried ball of risotto. The tomato sauce was awesome too!

Jasmine ordered the pork schnitzel with capers and roasted vegetables.
Anthony got the white fish, which was hake tonight. It came with mashed potatoes and veggies. He thought the texture of the fish was weird in a good way, but the fish was just not super flavorful.

Third Course
Dessert!! This is where we failed. Jasmine and I both have a love of cornbread and bread puddings. Inevitably, we both ended up ordering the maple cornbread pudding. It was topped with cherries, was dripping with some caramel sauce and came with whipped cream. It was amazing.
Anthony got the rhubarb-apple crisp, which came in a ball jar. So cute! I tried this, and it was so good! Anthony was just mad that he got ripped off and didn’t get served whipped cream.Overall, this meal was awesome! The portions were perfectly sized, and I felt like it was totally worth 25 dollars. Tonight’s meal definitely made up for last night’s falafel failure! I am already saving up for the Winter Restaurant Week where I will honestly make a trip back to Graze!