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I haven’t been camping since I was probably five, but I can definitely say it is one of my favorite things to do in the summer.

I get to spend time with my family,
see the best sunrises and sunsets of my life,adventure outside,and of course eat yummy food!

Along with s’mores made with Reese’s cups, pudgy pies are the best camping food to ever be invented. Jasmine and I may even have a song about them. No shame.

And something about roasting veggies over a campfire makes them more delicious than normal.While camping doesn’t always involve going out to eat, Door County has the best restaurants and it is pretty hard to resist going out to eat! A pizza with five different kinds of mushrooms? Why yes, I did just find my new favorite pizza place.And is there anything better than a restaurant with goats on the roof? No, probably not. I was too excited about my pancakes from Al Johnson’s that I forgot to take a picture, but I assure you that they were all that I was hoping for!While I was sad to leave my family and sad that our camping adventure ended, I am definitely thankful that I am back to my bed and not sleeping on the ground in a cold, wet tent!