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Not. Worst thing ever. It was a week of no grocery shopping and no farmer’s market adventures. It was a week of trying to eat up everything in our fridge and the leftover vegetables from camping. No recipes. Just making stuff up.

One night for dinner, we made our favorite need-to-use-up-random-stuff meal. You can pretty much put anything into a strata/egg bake. While this one was not as good as our last strata, it was pretty successful. We used up some sundried tomatoes, broccoli that Anthony gave me, Hook’s Parmesan cheese from last week’s market, and leftover eggs from camping.Another night, we made a stir-fry of leftover zucchini, eggplant, and yellow squash from camping. We added in some tofu puffs that we had in the fridge. Aren’t they adorable? We made our own peanut honey sauce as well and served this over some forbidden rice. My best invention of the week: pie dough balls. We had some leftover pie dough in the freezer and did not know what to do with it… I rolled it up into balls and baked them. And then I rolled the balls in peanut butter and maple syrup and rolled them in coconut. They were yummy. Probably because the pie dough had a bunch of Earth Balance in it.Thursday night, we made another weird oven creation. We had some Ezekiel tortillas in the freezer that we were avoiding. I absolutely love Ezekiel’s English muffins, but their tortillas were awful and fall apart if you want to fold or roll them. So we ripped them up and put them in a baking dish and baked them for a bit to make them sort of crispy. Then we added a layer of black beans, followed by a layer of Hook’s parmesan (yes, I know parmesan does not fit in with these flavors, but we needed to use up the cheese…), followed by a layer of yellow squash leftover from camping and corn that Sarah got for free from her job as a field assistant. We added some more cheese and finally, three eggs on top. We baked in the oven until the whites turned white. And then we added a bunch of salsa and chipotle ranch. It was actually pretty good.The best part about moving out and eating up leftovers: banana cake + peanut butter + ice cream. We used up the little flour we had left to make single serve banana cakes in the oven. We frosted them with just peanut butter. We topped it with the second half of our Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss pint that we ate responsibly a few weeks ago.I hate packing…On Wednesday, we will be officially moved into our new apartment, and we get to stay in that apartment FOR A WHOLE YEAR. We are both going home for the weekend once again for some more family time and hopefully good food too.

For all of the other college students out there, I wish you well in your moving adventures. Ice cream makes it a little bit better.