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This week was a bit rough. Not only did we move apartments (thanks to my mom, Jasmine’s mom, and Jasmine!!), but I had to work 52 hours this week. On top of that, we have no internet in our new apartment at the moment. I never realized how often I need (okay, maybe it’s a want) to use the internet.

I do not think I could have gotten through this week without having an awesome weekend beforehand.

I saw some of my best friends who I don’t get to see often, I went to a wedding with my family, and Jasmine and I got to go to the Wisconsin State Fair with our parents.

I love the State Fair for two reasons.

1. The animals!! Farm animals are so cute. I have been obsessed with goats for so long, and I want to own one when I’m older.
I also love cows more than anything. One time a farmer at the State Fair let me sit on their cow a few years ago. Best. Day. Ever.2. The food, of course! There isn’t exactly a good way to eat at State Fair responsibly. Deep fried food on a stick on every corner. But I do think it is  important to support local growers and producers, and the State Fair is definitely one way to show appreciation for and interest in everything that they do.

We started out with some local baked potatoes. I get one of these every year. Cheese, sour cream, and butter our required to make it the perfect baked potato!

And there is no way that we could go to the State Fair without getting some sort of cheese. We went to a booth that had tons of different types of goat cheeses produced in Wisconsin for sale. I bought a honey flavored goat cheese that Jasmine and I put on a bowl this week. It was sooooo amazing!We also had to get cheese curds of course! They had a cute truck with cows on it!State Fair is also not complete without a order of deep fried Oreos. No, they are not exactly local, but once a year I find it perfectly acceptable to eat deep fried Oreos.My body was a little mad at me for eating a bunch of deep fried food, but the responsible consumption of State Fair food means that I enjoyed it with no guilt, and went right back to my normal eating habits the next day. And if it meant getting through the week, it was definitely worth it.