We have been busy busy busy busy in Madison with getting ready for school to start and  moving in ourselves and our roommates into our new apartment. Summer classes and interning and working a few days a week kept me comfortably busy with lots of time left to cook food. I am nervous for what lies ahead next week once I have multiple classes a day and awkward lunch breaks. I don’t even have any meals planned for next week. On top of that, I am now eating gluten-free. No more normal people bread. I shall explain that all later. The last farmer’s market before the school year begins was this morning. I enjoyed a gluten-free scone, we got a massive amount of kale for just $2, and Sarah befriended two cheesemakers. It’s a lot harder shopping for vegetables with no meal plan.

We made very yummy sandwiches for lunch with apples that my parents brought me from an orchard in LaCrosse, Havarti cheese from Bleu Mont Dairy, and organic eggs. We also made some very easy kale chips using only a portion of the kale. Eggs are just so much cuter with freckles!I picked up some Silly Yak Bakery bread at the farmer’s market for my sandwich. It wasn’t too shabby.Major grocery shopping will happen on Monday. The only word to describe how I feel is anxious. Last year, we lived in dorms and it was convenient to come back for a quick lunch in between classes. There was also the option to eat at the dining halls (although they pretty much sucked so I avoided them). I know that I can stay healthy and keep on cooking this semester, but it won’t be as stress-free as in the summer.

On the positive side, here are some things we are excited for this autumn:

1. Being able to wear jeans without dying from the heat
2. Not getting fat because we walk and bike so much to class and work and everything
4. Halloween in Madison
5. Pumpkin flavored everything
6. Apple cider at the farmer’s market
7. Thanksgiving food

And of course, football games, which we already attended today! Hope everyone had a great game day!