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Summer was so easy. Yes, I took classes. Yes, I was interning about 10 hours a week. But I had time to cook and time to enjoy my food and time to food blog. Last week was a wake-up call that I really needed to do a lot more food planning if I wanted to make it through the week without coming home and asking myself ‘what the heck am I supposed to eat for dinner.’

The week wasn’t a complete food fail, however, as we did take the time to make two yummy dishes. The first was mushroom risotto with onions, zucchini, roasted tomatoes, and kale. Risotto takes forever, but it is definitely worth it. We like to add lots of vegetables and use less arborio rice to make it healthier and more filling.
Our living room has much better lighting for food related pictures than our summer sublet!

Sarah’s mom and my mom visited over the weekend and her mom brought us a squash from their summer garden.

We decided to stuff the squash with wild rice, which is pretty expensive. Willy Street Coop, however, has a lovely bulk isle that enabled us to buy just enough wild rice for this dish.

We added in mushrooms, onions, slivered almonds, and raisins, and spiced it with some garam masala. We have chalkboard labels for all of our bulk jars now, but no chalk!

The dish was pretty good, but the acorn squash was unusually starchy. It is a little early in the season for acorn squash, but it was a weird spring and summer temperature-wise. I hope there will still be lots of squashes at the farmer’s market throughout the entire fall!
We also visited Olbrich Botanical Gardens over the weekend as a very late birthday present for Sarah’s mom. We also may have stopped at Daisy Cafe for cupcakes afterwards…And of course, we went to the farmer’s market and stocked up on lots of vegetables! So far this week, we are doing better in terms of more interesting lunches and dinners, so hopefully we will be able to post some easy recipes soon. I already can’t wait for this weekend’s market. The weather is starting to cool down and there are beginning to be more vendors with pumpkins and apple cider! Fall will always be my favorite season here in Wisconsin.