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We are typical college students in a lot of ways. We spend lots of time on homework, lots of time with friends, and lots of time trying to figure out how to save money.

Some times this means couponing. I love coupons and will scour the internet for them, collect coupon booklets, and hoard all of the them in my coupon baggie.

It also means saving our change in a change jar for special occasions (because typical college students also like to randomly go and buy yummy ice cream).

For us, saving money also means shopping at the farmers market. We are also a bit unlike many college students in some ways. For example, I try to have at least one serving of veggies for lunch and at least another for dinner, and it usually ends up being more like 4 servings.

By shopping at the farmers market we can get our fruits and vegetables for super cheap.

This week we bought:
50 cent green pepper
50 cent yellow sweet pepper
$1 for two eggplant
$1 spaghetti squash
$1.50 apple
$3 tomatoes
$2.50 golden beets
$1 zucchini
95 cent broccoli
$2 bok choy

The total? $13.95 That means we each paid less than $7.

Our favorite deal of the week was the mushrooms. We are planning on doubling the amount of mushrooms we buy this week.

Of course we had to splurge on cheese. Govarti is the best cheese ever. Our roommate said it smelled pungent, but she doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Not only are mushrooms on our shopping list for the weekend, but now that fall is in full swing, pumpkins have also started popping up at the farmers market, which can only mean one thing: weekend plans to bake a pie with the roomie!